Unmade bed, suitcases, train tickets, and Persen Forte. I will be back next Sunday.


Joris Ivens - Regen (1929)
A city symphony of Amsterdam.


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1. Play Commonopoly - Big Hope: Miklós Erhardt, Dominic Hislop, Elske Rosenfeld (2004)
Solidarity is the underlying behavioral foundation of the game, present in every player's engagement to sustain Commonopoly.
2. Skyping around


Post No Bills
The Writer's Technique in Thirteen Theses

I. Anyone intending to embark on a major work should be lenient with himself and, having completed a stint, deny himself nothing that will not prejudice the next.

II. Talk about what you have written, by all means, but do not read from it while the work is in progress. Every gratification procured in this way will slacken your tempo. If this regime is followed, the growing desire to communicate will become in the end a motor for completion.

III. In your working conditions avoid everyday mediocrity. Semi-relaxation, to a background of insipid sounds, is degrading. On the other hand, accompaniment by an étude or a cacophony of voices can become as significant for work as the perceptible silence of the night. If the latter sharpens the inner ear, the former acts as a touchstone for a diction ample enough to bury even the most wayward sounds.

IV. Avoid haphazard writing materials. A pedantic adherence to certain papers, pens, inks is beneficial. No luxury, but an abundance of these utensils is indispensable.

V. Let no thought pass incognito, and keep your notebook as strictly as the authorities keep their register of aliens.

VI. Keep your pen aloof from inspiration, which it will then attract with magnetic power. The more circumspectly you delay writing down an idea, the more maturely developed it will be on surrendering itself. Speech conquers thought, but writing commands it.

VII. Never stop writing because you have run out of ideas. Literary honour requires that one break off only at an appointed moment (a mealtime, a meeting) or at the end of the work.

VIII. Fill the lacunae of inspiration by tidily copying out what is already written. Intuition will awaken in the process.

IX. Nulla dies sine linea – but there may well be weeks.

X. Consider no work perfect over which you have not once sat from evening to broad daylight.

XI. Do not write the conclusion of a work in your familiar study. You would not find the necessary courage there.

XII. Stages of composition: idea – style – writing. The value of the fair copy is that in producing it you confine attention to calligraphy. The idea kills inspiration, style fetters the idea, writing pays off style.

XIII. The work is the death mask of its conception.

1. Walter Benjamin - One-Way Street (1913-1926)

2. The ever empty office building across the street, Amsterdam, 4:00 AM


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 1-3. Teengirl Fantasy - Hollywood Hills EP (2009)
Their friends made 100 (one hundred!) different covers for this EP. Go to Pukekos and look/listen for yourself. Go to their website, it is ace.

(By the way - damn those who saw No Age twice in London this week.)


Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? - Frank Tashlin (1957)
A much better alternative to Mad Men.


Photobucket Photobucket 1. High School Record - Ben Wolfinsohn (2005) (VERY GOOD)
2. My sister's cool/gross Neuroanatomy class featuring REAL brains (Viki, 18)
3. In my opinion the things that make up my identity are having fun and enjoying life no matter what the circumstances are. My friends, family and social life are the most important things for me, rather than education, religion or nationality. I also think that it doesn’t matter what other people think about me or if they think my interests are stupid, but if I do what I like to do and like what I want to like. I also like behaving in a stupid way and making jokes whenever I can.
- The introduction of my brother's cool essay "How I Became Me" (Janek, 12)


After Sherrie Levine - Zo Ciechowska (2009)


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1. Bertha Brainard, Pioneer of NBC Radio in America (1928) (Sadly, image searches of her yield very poor results.)
2. Super Woman (Here, Bertha, have a good photo of yourself on me.) (Squareamerica)


Photobucket Photobucket 1. Peruvian Guinea Pig (I would have killed to have one when I was 8.)
2. Mullet, Turkey (1990) (Sexy People)


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 1-4. Monday breakfast with Amsterdam squatters


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1. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Don Siegel (1956)
2. Washed Out - High Times (2009)


Photobucket Opdracht 2: Zelfportret


Photobucket Photobucket 1. I want to be an artist or a lifeguard because artists make nice pictures. Lifeguards get to save people. - Michael Saint, 6 (The Guardian)
2. Yves Klein - Un homme dans l'espace, Dimanche: Le Journal d'un Seul Jour (1960)


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 1. Pictureplane
3. Fuck Buttons
Phone photos, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 09.10.09
I cannot emphasize how good this gig was.


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1+2. Summer holiday boredom
3. At the very beginning of the opening credits of every episode of The Simpsons, Bart is alone in his classroom at school, writing lines on the chalkboard. The lines change every episode. The ones for an episode first aired in January 2001 read NETWORK TV IS NOT DEAD. It isn't, of course. Not yet. When it does die, though, it's obituary should contain the name of its killer: DIY.
- Chris Turner, Do-It-Yourself, Planet Simpson (2005)


1. Marcela Armas - Ocupación (2007)
Mexican artist as a car.
2. Jackass: The Movie - Golf Course Air Horn (2002)


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1. Favourite breakfast, July 2009
2. Made by these two


The White Station - Seifollah Samadian (1999)