I saw these two events this week and they were strikingly good.
1 + 3. Soap Opera - Bogomir Doringer and Dave Captain (Koningsplein, Amsterdam)
A smoke and bubble machine was placed in the chestnut tree on Koningsplein at night. It went along the lines of "Homo bulla est" and Harry Potter.
2 + 4. Metamorfoses - LeineRoebana (Orgelpark, Amsterdam)
A beautiful, intelligent and emotional dance performance that everyone should see if they have the time this weekend. This was the first time I felt bad that a ticket was so cheap compared with what we were given. The last two performances are tonight and tomorrow night at 20.15.



My band cooking column and illustration-collage has been published in the June issue of Subbacultcha! magazine (p. 44-45). This month it's courgette cake for High Places, whom I like very much. They gave me their newest vinyl as a thank you.


My friend Miguel has a gigantic room for rent in this house in London, it is available for June and/or July.

£75 per week,
Also suitable for a couple,
Ace housemates,
Large kitchen, living room and garden,
Near public transportation,
Table football in the basement,
I lived in this house and it was great.

Please comment and leave your email address if you or any of your friends are interested!



We cycled and cycled yesterday and this is what happened!


Roman Polanski - Chinatown (1974)

Aw man, this is the best film in the whole wide world. When you watch it count the whole vs. broken objects - pocket watches, glasses, wheels, tail lights, eyes.


My posting is irregular at the moment because I am learning a lot of exciting things in the library and I don't have a lot of spare time on my hands. I will share my findings once I am done. Meanwhile, enjoy the AUTHENTIC WILDLIFE.


Found these buried in my virtual stacks of shit. It's been super cold recently so I thought it was appropriate.


1. Alison Knowles - Newspaper Music (2008)
2. Long long ago, back when the world was young - that is, sometime around the year 1958 - a lot of artists and composers and other people who wanted to do beautiful things began to look at the world around them in a new way (for them).

They said: "Hey! - coffee cups can be more beautiful than fancy sculptures. A kiss in the morning can be more dramatic than a drama by Mr. Fancypants. The sloshing of my foot in my wet boot sounds more beautiful than fancy organ music."

And when they saw that, it turned their minds on. And they began to ask questions. One question was: "Why does everything I see that's beautiful like cups and kisses and sloshing feet have to be made into just a part of something fancier and bigger? Why can't I just use it for its own sake?"

When they asked questions like that, they were inventing Fluxus; but this they didn't know yet, because Fluxus was like a baby whose mother and father couldn't agree on what to call it - they knew it was there, but it didn't have a name. (...)

from Dick Higgins - A Child's History of Fluxus (1979) (read the rest, it is so good!)


Bologna in late April. I've got more of these babies.


Brody Condon - DesResFX.Kill (Karma Physics < Elvis) (2004)

DesResFX.Kill (Karma Physics < Elvis) is a self playing modification of the science fiction first person shooter computer game engine Unreal Tournament 2003. When plugged into a projector/monitor and power, a small custom computer starts and displays the work. The viewer is pulled slowly through an endless chasm of pink fog filled with countless floating, flailing bodies of Elvis Presley. The representations of Elvis are appropriated archetypes that represent a certain type of character; they are empty shells that one can inhabit during a video game.

The choice of pink background and the use of Presley’s image imbue the artwork with a rather humorous quality. The artist’s sense of humour seems rather dark when the observers discover that the convulsions of Elvis are controlled by the original game’s Karma real-time physics system – a type of procedural animation that applies real-world physics to video games, especially when re-enacting death animations. Movements are calculated at the moment they are executed, enabling the video game character to interact more naturally with its virtual environment. The “reality” of the game is not predetermined when using karma physics; the player alters it through his or her imagination’s comprehension of the virtual environment. Condon states that he misuses karma physics as a “new representation of death via code, not just the visual surface of trauma, but the physical dynamics of the falling figure.” [1] DesResFX.Kill (Karma Physics < Elvis) seems even darker in its subject matter when one realises that the artist is keeping the allegedly immortal ‘King of Rock ‘n Roll’ doing the eternal ‘dance of death’ in his artwork. This realisation is striking in both its gravity and lightness, where it is reduced to a simple, repetitive action in the virtual world.

(An excerpt from one of my published entries on the Art and Electronic Media website.)



Alejandro Jodorowsky - The Holy Mountain (1973)
We downloaded this film over a year ago and we could never bring ourselves to watch it. Finally, we did, but we had to watch this film in three sittings because of its overabundant use of, well, everything. Do your research first and then (decide if you want to) watch it.