Sofia Coppola - Lick the Star (1998)

Her debut short film. I had been meaning to watch this for a very, very long time. Watched it today and I thought it expressed a lot of things that I feel at the moment. And it looks good. And it fits into the whole 90s girl-power angsty tavi whatchamacallit blog hype - so kill me!

Activity on my blog might resume over the summer, I'm still thinking about it.


I have a new side-project, Diyar Supermarket. Denver's Alphabets (Colin Ward) and Deptford's The Atoms (Rob Sommerlad) have released their cool split tape under its aegis and I made the artwork (with the help of a neuroscientist friend). Each tape has a different cover and some really good tracks on it, and it's cheap. Buy the tape on the Diyar blog. Here's the blurb:

Alphabets' first European release. The Atoms' debut release. Diyar Supermarket's first release. 5 tracks plus each remixes the other. USA-UK collaboration. Denver-Deptford love. Recorded onto tapes taken from the basement of an abandoned recording studio. The studio which spawned 'Candle in the Wind' giving birth to a monster-foetus of futuristic pop music. Limited edition. Hand-made artwork with a variety of different covers.