1. Jan Peter E. R. Sonntag (1998-2006) - GAMMAvert #2 an X-seascape (Another piece at the NIMk. Shame the photo doesn't emit gamma waves.)
2. A green flash
3. Jules Verne (1882) - Le rayon vert


The Week From Hell has come to an end and I am now going to enjoy the attached.


Breaking and Entering The Lost Timeframe (2003) from LoVid on Vimeo.

I now know why we're here. This makes me feel like I've eaten so many sweets and crackers that I can see into the future.


The Tallest Man on Earth is so short he barely reached my lens.
Read the TMOE interview I illustrated and took part in in the April issue of Subbacultcha magazine. (p. 20-24)


Gone for good!


I am going to be DJ Pirate Karaoke at Smart Project Space in Amsterdam this Friday night after the Max Tundra + Klaus + Bird on the Wire gigs. More info here.


We saw Lucky Dragons yesterday night at WORM in Rotterdam. I love Lucky Dragons. I love Lucky Dragons. I love Lucky Dragons. I love Lucky Dragons. I FUCKING LOVE LUCKY DRAGONS. THEY ARE THE BEST.
Thanks to the person who recorded this last night, I'm one of the blurs in the video.

Lucky Dragons are Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara, an experimental art/music group from L.A. Their interactive performance, 'Make a Baby', involves the participation of the audience to initiate, monitor, and meaningfully interpret the transfer of data through skin contact. In short, Lucky Dragons operate an array of homemade hardware and software which sends carrier signal-line level audio frequencies in a series of digital loops through touch conductive fabric sensors attached to various instruments. When one touches the touch sensitive instruments, it produces a sound. This signal is also carried through the human body, which means that if another individual touches the person holding the instrument, it will produce a sound. This spurs a chain reaction of interactions, where people experiment with variating types of touch to produce different tones. These social aural interactions are simulataneously mapped onto a visual display in the form of moving coloured patterns.

Referring to John Cage’s ‘A Year from Monday,’ 'Make a Baby' proves that the artist is “no more extraordinary than we are.” Fischbeck and Rara are the mediators between the artwork and the participants, “anyone who experiences a work of art is as guilty as the artist. It is not a question of sharing the guilt. Each one of us gets all of it.” Cage also questions the direction in which art is going and whether it will become a family reunion. In this sense, 'Make a Baby', confirms his supposition, as the performance forms family-intimate interactions through new acts of perception and cognition. An instantaneous 'art-family' emerges and, as the title of the performance suggests, gives birth to a unique art action.

(An excerpt from my unpublished entry on Lucky Dragons on the Art and Electronic Media website.)

And if you're ever at Rotterdam Centraal Station, get a bami kroket out of the wall from Smullers, it is THE SHIT.




PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketHC Gilje (2009) - Blink
This is at the Sonic Acts exhibition in the NIMk in Amsterdam. You follow the splashes of light in a dark room. It is cool. I like it.
This is an excellent piece for running/jumping/skipping.




Bruce Nauman (1967) - The True Artist Helps The World By Revealing Mystic Truths

Posting will be slower this week, sorry.


LoVid (2007) - More of the Same
Click on the artwork link and do this! It is good and cool.

More of the Same loads copies of one sound sample, causing your system to produce different sounds.
Many copies challenge your setup and may not “work” properly, may not sound at all, or may cause your browser to crash.
Our advice: start slow, with only 1. Close each popup window before launching the next as you work your way up to higher copy numbers.
One image is also repeated horizontally and vertically in each window, the same number of times as the sound is loaded. The image scales so all repeats fit in the same size window. 

What's up with this computer? Is it the browser? The connection? 


Todd Cole (2010) - Aanteni
I refrain from fashion blogging, but an exception must be made for Cole's speechlesslyfuckingamazing video for Rodarte featured on NOWNESS.
And, AND, the score was written by NO AGE. NO WAY. There's so much good stuff wrapped into this; this has made my week, and it's only Monday.